And the award for the most common password of hacked accounts in 2016 goes to…

123456 That’s right, a six digit sequential list of only numbers was the NUMBER ONE password of hacked accounts in 2016. CyberSecurity company Keeper scoured ten million passwords that became public after multiple breaches.  Almost 17% (a mind-boggling 1.7 MILLION) of all breached passwords were “123456”.

Sadly, the use of weak passwords has been one of the most significant challenges I address on a regular basis with clients, friends, and family.  Below is the list of the top 25 most used passwords and the list has changed very little over the years. When you combine such poor passwords with users tending to re-use the same password for many (or all) of their accounts, you have a recipe for disaster.  How many of your passwords are on this list?

Top 25 Passwords of Hacked Accounts for 2016

1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. qwerty
4. 12345678
5. 111111
6. 1234567890
7. 1234567
8. password
9. 123123
10. 987654321
11. qwertyuiop
12. mynoob
13. 123321
14. 666666
15. 18atcskd2w
16. 7777777
17. 1q2w3e4r
18. 654321
19. 555555
20. 3rjs1la7qe
21. google
22. 1q2w3e4r5t
23. 123qwe
24. zxcvbnm
25. 1q2w3e

As proof that little has changed in the way of passwords over the years, I offer the following comedy relief.  This clip is from “Spaceballs” which was released in 1987.


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