Voter data on 198 million (yes that’s million) US Citizens was improperly stored and freely available for 12 days on the internet. This accounts for almost EVERY registered voter in the United States.  Exposed personal information includes birthdates, home addresses, telephone numbers, political views, suspected religious affiliations, ethnicities, personal stance on topics such as gun control, abortion rights, and stem cell research.

As you may suspect, this kind of sensitive, personal, and detailed information can be easily used for nefarious purposes.  This could include identity theft, fraud, harassment, or intimidation of people who hold an opposing political view.  The most worrisome is that if bad guys have gotten hold of this data, they are able to send highly personalized phishing attacks to you, your staff, and your leadership.  These emails will most likely look totally legit and put you and your organization at risk.

From today forward, please treat any email you get at home or at work with a healthy dose of suspicion.  Ask yourself, “Do I know who this is from” and “Could this be a scam?”.  DO NOT click on links in emails and DO NOT open attachments if you were not already expecting their arrival.

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this or any other security related topic.

It is more important than ever, Think before you Click!