Healthcare IT Solutions

OCS has focused on healthcare IT from the very beginning and is committed to building strong, long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our drive and passion is about providing the highest level of support to your organization and to support your success through positive, healthy outcomes for your patients.

OCS understands that your business or patient care does not stop so you can implement the latest IT processes or applications. For this reason, OCS clients trust our IT expertise to manage their implementations, as well as their day to day support, so they can focus on their core business and their patients.

Driven by the vision of the OCS Management team, we strive to deliver a premium service experience each and every day to our clients. This is a central value to OCS and is driven from the top down to all employees and consultants.

Healthcare IT

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Managed Services

OCS offers a full range of managed IT services to help mitigate you and your staff’s burden of the day-to-day management of IT operations and infrastructure. Choose the services that best meet your company’s requirements so you and your staff can focus on more strategic efforts within your organization.

The OCS Managed Services program provides your company with experienced and uniquely qualified professionals to handle all your IT need from servers and networks to desktops and laptops.

Partial list of Managed Service options available:

  • Dedicated US based help desk
  • 24/7/365 server and network infrastructure monitoring
  • Full server support and monitoring
  • Full Desktop support including hardware and software
  • Proactive resource planning
  • Quick response remote support for your end users
  • Asset Inventory Reporting
  • Software Inventory Reporting and Management
  • Managed Anti-virus and Anti-malware client
  • Managed backup with cloud sync

All services can be provided for a FIXED monthly or hourly fee.

Professional Services

Whether you need immediate support or are looking to improve your IT infrastructure with an affordable and reliable partner, OCS has the tools and background to accept and address even the most difficult of IT challenges.

OCS is a business support specialist. We take a proactive approach to supporting our customers IT resources which in turn enables them to focus on their core business and initiatives. We are able to provide on-site, remote, and cloud based support depending on the needs of the client.

OCS has the background and expertise to support your business requirements. Anything from a single PC to a complete ground up design and implementation of a new infrastructure you can feel confident that we have “been there and done that.”

Examples of Professional Services offered:

  • Technology consulting
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Data center migration and relocations
  • Hardware and software deployments
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO) services
  • Security posture assessment
  • HIPAA compliance audit
  • Virtualization assessment
  • Installs, moves, adds and changes
  • Project Management
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Vendor Management

All services can be provided for a FIXED monthly or hourly fee.

HIPAA Compliance Service

The OCS HIPAA Security Compliance Service is designed to help covered entities and business associates of all sizes maintain HIPAA / HITECH compliance at an affordable price point. Along with our partner HIPAA Secure Now!, OCS will provide you with the expert guidance and tools needed to meet the required HIPAA Risk Assessment requirement.

This service has been developed by experts knowledgeable with the HIPAA Security Rule, computer and network security, and security training. The combination of these skills are apparent in the level of detail and knowledge that the service provides.

OCS offers a wide range of services to help meet your individual needs. Please contact us to discuss which option is the best fit for your organization.

HIPAA Compliance Service

Let OCS help you with your journey of HIPAA compliance

Risk Assessment

A detailed Risk Assessment is required under the HIPAA Security Rule.  It is also considered the foundation of the HIPAA Security Rule.

OCS will perform a detailed Risk Assessment that follows the methodology described in NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-30 Revision 1.

  • Identify and document all ePHI repositories
  • Identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities to each repository
  • Assess current security measures
  • Determine the likeliness of threat occurrence
  • Determine the potential impact of threat occurrence
  • Determine the level of risk
  • Determine additional security measures needed to lower level of risk
  • Document the findings of the Risk Assessment

The output of the Risk Assessment Consists of:

  • Executive Summary Report
  • Detailed Risk Assessment Report
  • Remediation / Work Plan

Policies and Procedures

18+ Polices and Procedures that address:

  • Administrative Safeguards
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards

Each Policy and Procedure is a separate Microsoft Word document.  The Policies and Procedures are customized for your organization.

In addition to the 18 Policies and Procedures, the service also includes forms and checklists that address:

  • Device and Media Tracking
  • Computer use guidelines
  • Tracking access to server and equipment rooms
  • Breach notification checklists

HIPAA Training and Compliance Testing

One of the most important steps you can take to protect ePHI and patient information is to provide security training to all of your employees.  Security training is a requirement under the HIPAA Security Rule.

OCS provides in-depth training on the HIPAA Security Rule as well as advice for best practices in protecting ePHI and patient information.  The training is provided in an online format which is both engaging and convenient to your staff.

Save Time and Money

Save time and expense by utilizing our staff of HIPAA professionals.  They will complete your risk assessment, workplan, and customized policy and procedures.  You will gain additional time savings from tracking your staff’s training progress via the online portal.

Internet Security

OCS can help protect your practice BEFORE an attack occurs.  We can help with customized strategies and tactics that will optimize your entire security posture.

Internet Security

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Partnering with Kevin Mitnich and Knowbe4

Security Awareness Training

More than ever, your users are the weak link in your network security and old school Security Awareness Training doesn’t hack it anymore. Today, your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. They need to be trained by an expert like Kevin Mitnick, and after the training stay on their toes, keeping security top of mind.

The OCS Security Awareness Training includes:

  • Baseline Testing – We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack.
  • Phish Your Users – Fully automated simulated phishing attacks, hundreds of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates.
  • Train Your Users – On-demand, interactive, engaging training with common traps, live Kevin Mitnick demos and new scenario-based Danger Zone exercises.
  • See the Results – Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management. Show the great ROI!

Vulnerability Scanning

Although not specifically required by HIPAA regulations, vulnerability scans are another tool available to identify issues before they become problems or a breach.  Additionally, it is not uncommon for the OCR to request information about existing vulnerability scans existing before and taken after any incidents.

A short list of risks a vulnerability scan can help identify:

  • Unauthorized devices
  • Unauthorized users
  • Unauthorized software
  • Out of date operating systems
  • Poor password practices
  • Internet facing risks
  • Missing or inadequate software patching

Cloud Computing

You hear about cloud computing almost everyday, but it remains a blurry mystery.  Let OCS help “clear the cloud” of confusion and share how cloud computing may be the right solution for your organization.

Cloud Computing

OCS can clearly communicate the pros and cons of moving to the cloud

Explore the Benifits of Cloud Computing

The driving motivation to investigate cloud computing can vary greatly depending on business strategy, geographies, company size, etc.  No matter your specific business need or requirements, here are a few ways cloud computing may help your organization:

  • Up to date software – Have access to the latest versions of software available.
  • More with less – Reduce or eliminate your datacenter or server footprint.
  • Flexible costs – Only pay for the services and capacity you need today.  Capacity can also be provisioned during peak periods and then eliminated when no longer needed.
  • Always on availability – Cloud computing provides extremely reliable services with uptimes typically exceeding 99.99%.  So long as works have an internet connection, they will be able to get to their applications and resources from practically anywhere in the world.
  • Can be more cost effective – No need to build infrastructure or refresh hardware on a regular basis to support your environment.
  • Expenses can be quickly reduced – During down times, cloud computing offers a flexible cost structure.
  • Flexibly Capacity – Cloud computing allows companies to adapt to change quicker and more efficiently.

Cloud Based Applications

If moving your servers into the cloud is not a viable solution, there are still many other opportunities to leverage cloud resources:

  • Cloud Based Email – Microsoft Exchange 365 and Google Mail are both capable of meeting HIPAA compliance
  • Cloud Based File Sharing – Microsoft Office 365 includes 1TB of One Drive storage.  One drive is capable of HIPAA compliance
  • Cloud Based Productivity Software – Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs are capable of HIPAA compliance
  • Cloud Based Collaboration – Microsoft Skype and Google Meet are capable of HIPAA compliance
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