Fast Growing Technology Firm Opening Branch Office in Oklahoma


FAST GROWING TECHNOLOGY FIRM OPENING BRANCH OFFICE IN OKLAHOMA Optimized Computer Solutions, a leading nationwide managed IT service provider for healthcare and other industries, opened a new office in Newcastle (708 S. Main Street, Suite B) [...]

Fast Growing Technology Firm Opening Branch Office in Oklahoma2020-04-01T10:50:51-07:00

CyberSecurity Training


CyberSecurity Training Is The Best Defense To Err is Human Did you know that 95% of security breaches are caused by human error? Cybercriminals attack organizations daily, and their primary target is you and [...]

CyberSecurity Training2019-10-09T07:53:27-07:00

Antivirus Myths and Reality


Antivirus - The Myths and The Reality Although having smart digital habits are an important line of cyber-defense, antivirus solutions are another important tool for data security. Yet, when it comes to antivirus software, users [...]

Antivirus Myths and Reality2019-10-08T13:51:51-07:00

Password Manager


Why Do I Need Password Manager? The average internet user has tens if not hundreds of different types of accounts. By 2020 it is predicted that the average user will have at least 207 individual [...]

Password Manager2020-01-17T09:56:34-08:00

2FA is a Passwords Best Friend


Two-Factor Authentication is the Must Have Companion for you Passwords You have strong passwords (right?). You are lying when answering your security questions (great!). Now its time to start using 2FA.  It might sound complicated, [...]

2FA is a Passwords Best Friend2019-10-04T06:23:51-07:00

Smishing is Phishing


SMISHING IS PHISHING Criminals have began targeting you through your Smartphone with an obscure smartphone shopping scam called "smishing". They are sending texts that trick you into doing something against your own interests. Today marks an obscure [...]

Smishing is Phishing2019-10-02T19:19:47-07:00