The principles of OCS have been supporting Healthcare IT for over 15 years.  We understand that the healthcare sector has specific requirements and support needs.  Whether it is an EMR selection, improving workflows, or reducing downtime of an existing system, there is little that the OCS team has not already addressed.  Additionally, OCS fulfills its duty as a business associate by fully complying with the current  HIPAA requirements and can confidently execute a business associates agreement (BAA.)

We believe IT is a keystone of any successful business, but we understand that some practices struggle to meet the daily demands of a sustained and up-to-date IT environment. For this reason, our clients trust us to manage their implementations as well as their day-to-day support so that they can focus on their business.

Our goal is to align and secure Information Technology (IT) with your healthcare business objectives. With our firm understanding of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, we assist you by exposing potential risks, meeting mandated compliance, training your employees in HIPAA awareness, and improving your overall IT ecosystem.

The OCS Managed Services program provides your company with experienced and uniquely qualified professionals to handle all your IT needs from servers and networks to desktops and laptops and everything in between.  These services help mitigate you and your staff’s burden of the day-to-day management of IT operations and infrastructure.  By leveraging OCS’s team and experience,  you and your staff can focus on your patients, not IT.

Partial list of Managed Service options available:

  • 24/7/365 server and network infrastructure monitoring
  • Dedicated US-based help desk
  • Security awareness training program
  • Advanced endpoint security monitoring and protection
  • Full server support and monitoring
  • Full Desktop support and patching automation
  • Proactive resource planning
  • Quick response remote support for your end-users
  • Asset Inventory Reporting
  • Software Inventory Reporting and Management
  • Managed Anti-virus
  • Managed disaster recovery backup with cloud sync

All services are provided for a FIXED monthly fee


The OCS HIPAA Security Compliance Service is designed to help covered entities and business associates of all sizes maintain HIPAA / HITECH compliance at an affordable price point. Along with our partner HIPAA Secure Now, OCS will provide you with the expert guidance and tools needed to meet the required HIPAA Risk Assessment requirement.

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We began working with Optimized Computer Solutions and Joe Goldstein nearly 2 years ago. If you have a physician practice and are needing IT support, this is the company to work with! Joe’s background in HIPAA compliance, coupled with his knowledge of medical practices and networking systems is second to none! We’ve made many strides in the right direction assuring our network is not only secure but that we also run efficiently. When a computer or networking issue arises, OCS is timely and knowledgeable in helping to resolve the issue. As a Practice Administrator, my team is grateful for the working relationship and support we receive from OCS!

Lisa BendtLisa Bendt, Practice Administrator

Joe, with Optimized Computer Solutions, is the consummate professional who is not only easy to work with but incredibly knowledgeable in technology solutions. Running a business is hard enough by itself and being able to hand over the IT component has been invaluable to making my business run. Joe has been able to trouble shoot, fix and offer solutions that have saved my business time and money. I would highly recommend Joe and Optimized Computer Solutions to any business in need of superior IT help and solutions.

Heather HoltzingerHeather Holtzinger, CFP®, Principal

Optimized Computer Solutions, under the direction and ownership of Joe Goldstein, RESCUED our 12 physician, 8 office Otolaryngology practice. We were faced with a dysfunctional money losing situation and needed to make a change. We were successfully guided through this process under an extremely tight timeline. We came through this difficult experience on time and under budget.

Stephen P GadomskiStephen P Gadomski, MS, MD, FACS Managing Member

With the guidance and support from OC Solutions, I am more confident then ever that my organization is prepared for the multitude of threats that we as healthcare providers are exposed to on a daily basis.

Liam Dowling, Regional Operations Manager, ENT Associates of South FloridaLiam Dowling, Regional Operations Manager

I cannot recommend Joe Goldstein and the OC Solutions team highly enough. As the CEO of Health to Hope Clinics, I worked with OC Solutions to help us select and deploy a new EMR system. As a Federally Qualified Heath Clinic system we had very unique requirements for an EMR. The requirements for data collection and reporting are quite extensive to say the least.

Joe walked us through the process of scoping our requirements, reviewing solutions, and getting proposals from the three EMRs that fit us best. He went through the painstaking process of sowing the pricing options in a succinct apples-to-apples comparison between the three best solutions. He helped us negotiate pricing that was a fraction of what we thought we would have to spend, while still selecting the system that fit us best.

Once we selected our EMR, Joe managed the hardware upgrades and complete deployment of the system. He led the execution of the entire project on schedule and on budget. Every project of this kind has its frustrations and glitches. Ours were far below what I had expected. In my entire career I can count on one hand when that has happened. I’d highly recommend OC Solutions to anyone who needs strong IT management of their healthcare organization.

Bryan Feller, CEO, Health to Hope ClinicsBryan Feller, CEO

I would like to recommend Joe Goldstein and Optimized Computer Solutions for your computer network development, deployment, and support programs.

Acris Solutions has contracted with Optimized Computer Solutions since July 2009. In that time they have facilitated our migration from a physical server environment to a virtualized server environment. In doing so we reduced our physical number of servers by one-half allowing Acris Solutions to eliminate one full rack in our datacenter and its associated costs. They have deployed upgrades to our firewalls, SAN, network design and domain infrastructure including the replacement of over 20 pieces of old equipment with new servers and storage appliances. Optimized Computer Solutions has been instrumental in the installation and deployment of the XenApp Citrix connection platform and our migration from Windows XP/ Office 2003 to Windows 7 /Office 2010. They have partnered with Acris Solutions in the launch of multiple new customers supporting over 350 users in multiple branch locations.

They have provided Acris Solutions with level 1,2 and 3 support on a 24/7/365 basis with tiered responses time graduate from four hours for minor incidents to one hour for major/severe incidents. In providing these levels of support we have achieved customer satisfaction levels of 98% or better.

I believe that Optimized Computers Solutions will be a partner with Acris Solutions for many years to come and I know that they will meet your expectations in the performance of their duties within the scope of the service contract.

Richard Johnston, President, Acris TechnologyRichard Johnston, President